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Branding experience for climbing ecosystem

TENDOR: The Concept

TENDOR: the ultimate climbing companion.


Diego Marini & Connie Lui
Gary Van Broekhoven


March 2024 - today

My Role

Brand Strategist, Visual Designer, UX/UI Designer,
Climbing is more than just a physical challenge. It involves identifying suitable routes, getting personalized training, and fostering a community. My journey with TENDOR originated from these challenges. My objective is to make climbing more accessible, engaging, and safe by establishing a supportive ecosystem. It will provide an integrated platform with solutions designed to enhance every facet of the climbing experience for climbers at all levels.

We (em)power athletes through groundbreaking experiences, leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance human performance.


To drive a future where sports transcends physical and spatial limits.

Creative Platform

(Em)Powered Performance

Analysis of Competitors

Next, I conducted a thorough analysis of four indirect competitors in the climbing app market.

In examining the landscape, I found that many climbing apps lacked personalized feedback and community features. This gap allowed a to introduce a uniquely user-centric service that focuses on individual improvement and communal connection.


Great Potential in
AR Technology


Interface and Experience


Accessible Information and Tracking


Innovation Beyond Entertainment

Brand Differentiators

Crafting the visual identity

When designing the visual elements of TENDOR, my goal was to create a brand identity that reflects the company’s core values of community, playfulness and empowerment. The wordmark design began with sketches that evolved into a symbol summarizing both the movement of climbing and the forward-thinking nature of our technological solutions.

Color and typography

I chose turquoise for TENDOR's look because it's not common by competitors in climbing, making us stand out. Turquoise also represents safety and energy, which are important in climbing. It also stands for the mix of nature and digital technology, reinforcing our dedication to creating a supportive and empowering climbing community

The app in the ecosystem

The app is combining body movement tracking with augmented reality (AR). It allows climbers to visualize routes and receive tips directly through their mobile devices, shared by the climbing community.

Furthermore, the app incorporates machine learning by analyzing climbers' movements and preferences to provide personalized feedback and recommend optimal climbing routes based on the user’s style and progress.

1. Record your personal favorite moves.
2. Motion capture your "beta" using just your phone.
3. Share your climbs and connect with the climbing community.
4. Learn From other climbers with AR overlays of their solution
5. Analyze specific moves from any angle for a complete understanding.

(Em)Powered Performance

The tagline highlights TENDOR's focus on both empowerment and enhanced athletic performance. The use of "Em" in parentheses emphasizes the support and strength provided to climbers, while "powered" reflects the boost in performance through technology.

With your climbing equipment ready...

From the welcoming exterior and friendly front desk to the easy membership process and expertly designed boulder holds, every part of our gym embodies our values: empowering, playful, personalizing, innovating, vitality, and mindful.We strive to be a Climbing Knowledge Hub, aiming to inform, engage, and inspire our members, fostering a strong connection and brand loyalty. Each element in our gym is crafted to support and enhance your climbing journey.

Unified brand, diverse products

One of my objectives for the brand was to establish a unified brand voice across all brand touchpoints. To achieve this, I developed a cohesive range of products, each designed to illustrate a supportive ecosystem that enhances every climber's journey and establishes striking brand recognition.

TENDOR's experiences make climbing easy and accessible.

With TENDOR, renting gear, finding a partner, and getting personalized tips are all part of our well-organized outdoor trips. The user leaves the planning to us and can focus entirely on the adventure.