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Can't stop, won't stop: hooked on motion design.

Let's face it, static is cool, but motion?

Honestly, that's where I lose track of time and get in the zone. I love taking ideas and turning them into these engaging, unforgettable animations. From building immersive web experiences to smooth logo reveals, I love the challenge of adding movement that connects with users on a deeper level.
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Sound-driven animation
with Joshua Davis

Guess what? I spent three weeks getting teached by Joshua Davis himself! We dove headfirst into code-driven animation and it was a total game-changer in my life. This project – a song animation I coded myself – opened my eye for a compeltly new world of creative expression, and I'm totally hooked. So get ready to see a lot more code-powered in my future projects!

Bringing a Juice Brand to Life

This energetic logo reveal animation perfectly captures the essence of MAKAvA, my absolute favorite local Austrian juice brand. If you're ever in Austria, be sure to track it down!

Movin' and Groovin' with Billy Joel

A typographic animation breathes life into Billy Joel's iconic "Slow down, you crazy child." Words dance, morph, and pulsate, capturing the song's energy.

Geometric Dance: An Exploration in Loops

This experimental loop dives into the mesmerizing world of geometric shapes and movement.

Marketing Mastery in Motion

This infographic animation unpacks the key concepts of plans, budgets and results in marketing, making complex ideas clear and engaging.