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Creative Digital Experiences

Character Moves in Motion

May 2024 - 2 Weeks
In this project, I’ve created an interactive experience where you can explore different characters performing dynamic moves using sliders. It’s all made possible with stencils, three.js, and a model of myself. I’ve used shaders, post-processing, and carefully controlled lighting to bring this to life.

Alex Honnold Free Solo, El Capitan

March 2024 - 2 Weeks
I developed an immersive storytelling website by myself on Spline, chronicling Alex Honnold's iconic free solo of El Capitan. I used self made graphics alongside interactive elements to authentically depict his journey.
Note: 3D model sourced externally.

3D Exploration Formular 1

Nov 2022 - 1 Week
Developed with Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Rick and Morty

June 2023 - 2 Weeks
Developed using the Vue.js framwork and the Rick and Morty API.
Front-End Development

Front-End for a Climbing Story

Oktober 2023 - 1 Week
Developed using Spline 3D combined with vanilia Javascript, HTML and CSS.